Gastronomy in Herzegovina

Traditional gastronomy in Herzegovina

Herzegovina cuisine is one of the main advantages of this region. The richness of flavours, homemade and quality products will surely satisfy everyone’s palate.
Most meals are prepared with meat, and side dishes are usually some of the homemade vegetables. The dishes the ancestry grew up on today are still special delicacies. The most famous traditional dishes are pura, rastika, kiseli kupus, japrak and dolma, baked or grilled lamb with potato, fish brudet, ustipci, asparagus called kuke, antique yellow cake and meza (salary with homemade cuts and products). All of the above goes well with the wines that taste great in Herzegovina because of the abundance of sunshine. The best known and highest quality wines here are Zilavka and Blatina.

Walking around this area, you will find a rich pharmacy created by nature itself. You will be enchanted by the smell of immortelle, sage, St. John’s wort, mint, basil and many other medicinal herbs. All of this attracts bees that make great honey and propolis. Local people also make a quality honey brandy.

Pomegranate is a very popular, delicious, tasty and resistant fruit, and it makes juice extremely rich in vitamins.
Dairy products are well known in this area: cheeses ( sir iz mjeha is exceptional) and kajmak, which is, with the prosciutto, an important part of meza.
Herzegovina abounds of fruit and vegetable cultivation, which ripen here very well. The most famous are grapes, lemon, tangerines, peaches, lettuce, onion.

Although the cuisine of this area is still partly unexplored, it offers many pleasures. It is sure to be enjoyed with good company, conversation and song. Whether you choose a restaurant along the roads of Herzegovina or drop into a restaurant by the river, you are not mistaken. In our villas, you can also experience this beauty yourself by picking delicious fruits from the gardens.