Long Island or Dugi Otok – Island made for relaxation and enjoyment

long island zadar

Long Island or Dugi Otok

Long Island or “Dugi Otok” belongs to the Zadar group of North Dalmatian islands. Its area is 113.3 km, and it is 44.5 km long. It is an island made for relaxation and enjoyment.

One of the greatest treasures of this island are the beaches. Everywhere you go there is a clear sea that enchants you with its blue colour. The most famous is Sakarun Beach. The beauty of this beach satisfies all those who want the crystal sea and white sand.
Telasica Nature Park extends to the southeast of the island. There are several natural phenomena, and the most famous is the salt lake Mir, about 10 meters deep and there you can find excellent, healing mud. On the south side of the island are magnificent cliffs. The best way to visit it is by boat.

From those who like adventures, they can choose diving in the rich underwater world and cycle along the well-maintained trails throughout the island, enjoying the beautiful view of the Zadar waters.

The island is rich in cultural heritage so that you can take part in many events during the summer months. The most important part of the cultural heritage is the “saljska Tovareća mužika”, which attracts visitors from all over the world. The festivities on Long Island are known as great live music, and excellent food and the most famous is “Saljske užance”.

This beautiful island – on the one hand, a peaceful oasis and on the other an island of good fun, will surely enchant every visitor and make him fall in love.

Story by ruralica.com
Photo by Tim Ertl