Lun – Hidden Part of Island Pag

villa pag with pool

In the northeast part of the island, Pag lies little town called Lun, a unique place in Croatia. But also unique in the world. Untouched nature and millennia-old olive groves surround Lun. Olive groves in Lun have the unique shape of wood intertwined with a stone that makes each tree unique and different from each other.

This unique olive grove is made up of more than 80,000 olive trees that proudly defend from wind “burn“, sun, sea, salt, and water. The most interesting olive grove has over 1500 wild olive trees, “Olea oleaster Lines,” with a flaky olive branch.

Among these natural and self-serving olives, the oldest has over 1,600 years. Since no owner has his olive tries together, for the past decades, they have been marked by different signs and colors.

The olive oil gained in this area is one of the best olive oils in the world – mostly for its quality and unique flavor.

So far only a few roads signs have been placed as well as macadam road where thousands of people have passed. This is the place unique in every segment, and it sends you back in biblical times because all of that, this exclusive area of island Pag was proclaimed as “protected botanical reserve” in 1963.

Villa Old Olive

  • Guests: 8
  • Size: 200m²

Villa Old Olive is surrounded by beautiful and old olive tree gardens that are primary characteristics of this historical village.