Rural tourism in Croatia

rural villas in croatia

Rural tourism

In the recent offer of Croatian tourism, rural tourism is increasingly emphasized. Although it is still at the beginning, such a form of tourism has advantages and can offer many things. Accommodation in rural areas is considerably cheaper than accommodation along the coast.

Houses are often arranged in a unique style, by the surroundings. Since such a type of tourism is not yet very popular, the guests will not encounter great griefs. They have guaranteed comfort, peace and privacy. Rural areas offer excellent gastronomy. They can eat top-class homemade dishes made from handmade products, and there is also local wine. Also, there are numerous events and festivals where guests can have fun.

Rural towns and villages often have a rich cultural heritage. For those who like to enjoy nature, rural areas have much more natural beauty and clean environment. If you still want to swim in the sea and experience on the beach, you are often half an hour away so you can go..