Advent in Zagreb

Showtime in Zagreb

December is the month when Zagreb has been transformed into an accurate winter fairy tale. Thousands and thousands of lamps, decorations, the smell of sausages and pancakes, mulled wine, music and many other amenities are more than enough reason to visit this beautiful city at Christmas time.
Advent in Zagreb is a truly unforgettable experience and has been voted the best in Europe for three years in a row.
There are about 15 locations in the city that you can enjoy, and we bring some of them below.
In the heart of Zagreb, on Jelačić Square, a real Christmas magic awaits you. An abundance of tradition, numerous decorated cottages, souvenirs, great concerts, delicious food, the smell of cinnamon and mulled wine is what awaits you here.

If you want to experience a real winter idyll, the Ice Park at King Tomislav Square is the location for you. Wear skates, dance to the sounds of good music, taste the exquisite holiday delicacies and enjoy the luxurious amenities on offer for both children and adults.
One of the most famous locations where Advent begins is Zrinjevac Park. Take a walk through the beautiful, alley-lit lanterns, which is particularly enthralling during Advent. You can listen to Christmas classics, waltzes, taste traditional recipes, or buy unique decorations and souvenirs.
Fuliranje is one of the most picturesque locations at this time. It is known for good music, concerts and food prepared by renowned chefs.
Advent in the European Square will also delight you with concerts, exhibitions and a rich offer of European cities. It is especially attractive to young people.

The Grič Tunnel is undoubtedly the most magical place on Advent. Packed with toys, lamps, giant Nuts and many other surprises will leave you breathless and brought back to childhood.
You can find romance and a world full of warm, Christmas atmosphere at Advent on Stross. There, in addition to the beautiful views of the city, you will experience good fun, great music, workshops for children and exciting locations to make great photos.
If you want to get out of the city center and enjoy with your loved ones, the Advent in Maksimir is an excellent choice. Numerous workshops, evening concerts, proximity to the ZOO, a large selection of food and beverages, photo installations, are what will delight both large and small.

Advent in Zagreb is getting more and more imaginative every year. It will give you a real Christmas fairytale, taking you to another beautiful, cheerful world, full of the most beautiful experiences and warmth that this holiday season brings.