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Last updated: 10.02.2021


Use of services of Tomljanović Adria j.d.o.o., Martićeva 67, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, OIB: 88985754115 (“RURALICA.COM” or “we”) and your interaction with us is subject to these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”). The terms are an integral part of the contractual relationship that arises at the time of arranging the accommodation service for one of the villas from our offer (“Accommodation”).

RURALICA.COM pays special attention to protecting your privacy and protecting your personal information. You can read more about how and why we process your personal data under Privacy Notice and Cookies, which are also available on our website.

Expressions used in these Terms, which have a gender meaning, refer equally to the masculine and feminine gender.

The laws and other regulations of Republic of Croatia, as well as the law of the European Union applicable in the Republic of Croatia, are applied as the governing law for these Terms

By using this website, you accept and agree that (a) this is a fair balance because the website is available to you, free of charge; and (b) IF THERE ARE ANY PARTs OF THESE TERMS, INCLUDING THE DISCLAIMER, WITH WHICH YOU DO NOT AGREE, PLEASE DO NOT USE OUR SERVICES.

No changes to these Terms and Conditions may be made by any of our employees, authorized representatives, or agents, nor may they deviate in any way from their application. Any possible changes to these Terms will be published exclusively on this website, and the change will be previously decided exclusively by designated authorities within RURALICA.COM.


The villas in our offer are not owned by RURALICA.COM, they are owned by our partners. Therefore, RURALICA.COM arranges the Accommodation service with you in the name and on behalf of its partners who bear all contractual rights and obligations.

It is possible that some partners have special conditions in relation to their real estate that will also, in addition to these Terms, apply to your Accommodation. RURALICA.COM will inform you about this during the Accommodation arranging process. In the event of any inconsistency between the terms of our partners and these Terms, the terms of the partner will prevail, unless the terms of the partner are against the law or inapplicable, in which case our (these) Terms will prevail. In addition, RURALICA.COM partners have house rules or conditions of use of the villa that must be respected, and which will be presented to you in the villa itself.


When you visit our website, contact us via it, send us an e-mail or contact us by telephone, you communicate with us electronically, i.e. you express your will to enter into an electronic form of communication with RURALICA.COM.

Therefore, we will also communicate with you directly by e-mail, telephone or indirectly by posting a notice on this website. However, the process of arranging Accommodation is done exclusively per e-mail or using the Instant booking option on our website (for more on this, please, refer to the questions and answers below).

Finally, we use the electronic form of communication to provide you with all notices and announcements, especially, to help you with your arrival and stay in the selected villa. We also use is to answer all your questions or provide you with the requested service.


If you opt for our services, RURALICA.COM will plan your trip together with you and do our best to make the process as easy as possible. For this purpose, RURALICA.COM provides you with an overview of the conditions and procedure for booking a villa, arranging Accommodation, payment method regulations and conditions for canceling Accommodation. For the sake of clarity, the booking and payment process is described in the form of answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Where can I find the offer of villa and service prices? All villas from our offer are published on our website. For each villa, a detailed description of the content, location and price is given, and the corresponding photos of the villa are attached.

RURALICA.COM reserves the right to change the price list of services and information without prior notice on the website. However, the change in the price list of an Accommodation and services will in no way affect the RURALICA.COMeady made reservations and / or arranged Accommodation.

Changes in service prices may also be affected by changes in foreign exchange rates, for which RURALICA.COM is not responsible.

In the event of a price error or any other omission, RURALICA.COM reserves the right to adjust prices or make any other corrections.
What is included in the price of Accommodation? The price of the accommodation includes the costs of water, gas, electricity, internet, maintenance of the pool and outdoor space, as well as the use of bed linen, towels and kitchen towels, spices and the like. Prices include VAT.

Some villas charge extra for additional services such as final interior cleaning, pool heating, bringing pets, tourist tax, etc. Services that are charged extra will be specifically indicated in the special conditions of each villa or communicated by our staff.

Therefore, when choosing a villa, please familiarize yourself with the services that are not included in the price of the Accommodation.
What is the procedure for arranging and booking Accommodation? Booking a villa is done exclusively by e-mail or via the Instant booking option on our website.

In relation to the first option, we will send you an offer for a stay in the selected villa by e-mail, which you can accept only by e-mail. You provide us with the information we need to arrange an Accommodation exclusively by e-mail. Otherwise, Accommodation arrangement will not be considered valid.

You can also complete the entire arranging process (including the delivery of the necessary data) via the Instant booking option on our website.

It is possible to obtain information by telephone, but not to make a reservation of an Accommodation.

Please note that when booking, you are required to provide the number of guests, which must not exceed the maximum prescribed conditions of each villa.

Please note that you are responsible for providing us with accurate and true data. If you do not provide accurate and true data, you are responsible for all costs, i.e. consequences arising from the provided inaccurate data.

Upon confirming the offer valid for the selected period in a particular villa, RURALICA.COM will send you an offer for payment with the listed non-refundable advance amount to your email address. Advance payment amount is included in the price of Accommodation.

You are obliged to pay the amount of the advance within 3 (three) workdays.

Accommodation is considered as agreed upon after you pay the amount of the advance. Once the payment is visible in our bank account, we will send you a confirmation (voucher) containing information about the reservation, the amount you paid, the remaining amount you still need to pay and the payment dynamics (“Confirmation”).

How do I pay the rest of the Accommodation price, at once or in several installments? Regarding the payment of the remaining amount of the price of the Accommodation, please note that the terms of payment vary depending on which villa you choose. Namely, as the villas are not owned by us, but by our partners, the method of paying the remaining amount depends on the conditions of the partner (for example, most partners require payment of the remaining amount upon arrival, some 45 days before arrival, some 30 days, etc.). Therefore, feel free to contact us by e-mail if you are interested in how to pay the rest of the Accommodation price for a particular villa.

The final invoice for the Accommodation service will be issued to you directly by an RURALICA.COM partner and delivered to you upon completion of the Accommodation service. The invoice will be for the full amount of the Accommodation price (including the total amount of the RURALICA.COMeady paid advance payment).
What if I am late with paying the advance payment or the remaning amount? If you do not pay the advance amount within 3 (three) workdays, RURALICA.COM will cancel your reservation.

If you do not pay the remaining amount of the Accommodation price within the deadlines that you will be notified about during the Accommodation arrangement and through the Confirmation, RURALICA.COM and RURALICA.COM partners reserve the right to cancel the Accommodation service while retaining the full amount of the advance. In any case, in situations where you are obliged to pay the rest of the price of the Accommodation prior arrival to the villa, RURALICA.COM will make sure to remind you in a timely manner of the payment obligation so as not to cancel your reservation of the Accommodation.

How can I cancel the Accommodation after having paid the advance payment or the remaining amount? You can cancel the Accommodation Service only in writing by sending an email to the RURALICA.COM address.

Will I receive a refund of the advance payment or the remaining amount for the Accommodation in case of cancellation? The advance payment is not refundable in case of cancellation of the Accommodation, regardless of the reason for cancellation.

What are the terms of payment by bank transfer and can I pay by credit card? RURALICA.COM accepts credit card payments (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard) or bank transfer. If you pay by bank transfer, you are responsible for all costs of the bank transaction. A full payment for your Accommodation must be credited to the RURALICA.COM account.

If you decide to pay by credit card, please note that our prices, for ease of use for all guest profiles, are expressed in different currencies. However, payments are made exclusively in Croatian currency (HRK). The amount debited from your credit card account is obtained by converting the price from a foreign currency to the Croatian currency (HRK) according to the current exchange rate. When charging a credit card, the same amount is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of the group to which your bank belongs. There is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price in our offer or on the website.

RURALICA.COM has provided high security standards for credit card payments. Namely, the entry and transfer of personal data and credit card number data is protected by the highest security standards provided by WSPay ™ online credit card authorization system in accordance with the requirements of the credit card and credit card company and the PCI DSS standard. Credit card authorization and billing is performed using the WSPay real-time card authorization and billing system.


In accordance with the Terms stated here, RURALICA.COM will treat you with good care and expertise, make sure that the Accommodation service is properly performed and within its capabilities will take care of your rights and interests while respecting good customs in tourism. At the same time, we emphasize that the Accommodation service itself largely depends on the activities of our partners and that in certain cases the possible non-performance of the service or incomplete / incorrect performance will not depend directly on us.

Our employees will act as a contact point for all your inquiries and needs related to Accommodation. However, sometimes due to the nature of your inquiry, we may refer you directly to our partner (for example, inadequately prepared villa, non-functionality in the villa, noise or similar inconveniences in the neighborhood, etc.).


Please note that, although you have contracted the Accommodation service with us, RURALICA.COM in this process acts in the name and on behalf of its partners – the owners of the villas. Therefore, at the time of arranging the Accommodation, you as a guest enter into a contractual relationship with our partner who is obliged to provide you with the Service of Accommodation as requested by you, and in terms of its capabilities that we have presented to you.

Neither RURALICA.COM (including its affiliates) nor its partners are responsible for the acts or omissions of any government body, their officers or employees, or any employee or agent of airlines, ticket operators, other land carriers, shipping companies or operators, cruise operators or ferries, all carriers, hoteliers or other accommodation providers, all other travel service providers, tour guides, travel agents and / or food and beverage service providers, other goods and services with which you have entered into the time of your stay in the villa from our offer, over which RURALICA.COM (including its possible branches and related parties) or its partners have no direct control.

RURALICA.COM is not liable for any injury, loss, death, inconvenience, delay, damage to personal property or other damage related to the provision of any goods or services, whether as a result of, but not limited to, the effects of force majeure, disease, pandemic and epidemic, war crimes, civil unrest, riots, damage caused by animals, strikes or other work activities, any criminal or terrorist activities, overbooking or poor service, food poisoning, mechanical or other failures of aircraft or other means of transport or failure of any other transport mechanism to ensure the timely arrival or departure and any events beyond the control and / or impact of RURALICA.COM. For example, RURALICA.COM will not be responsible for the inability to use the Accommodation due to third party decisions and accordingly for the return of any amounts received from the guest nor will it be obliged to ensure a change in the RURALICA.COMeady agreed upon date of the Accommodation. The decision to refund any amounts or change the date at the – RURALICA.COMeady arranged Accommodation – depends on the will of the owner of the villa with which the Accommodation is arranged.

If RURALICA.COM assisted you in any way in booking a service provider of any transportation or other services, your relationship with such service provider is subject to the terms and conditions imposed on such suppliers regarding matters that cannot be expressly the subject of our contract with them, and in particular the applicable laws, requirements and policies of any government, governmental body or employee, including, visa, entry, exit or transit.

Neither RURALICA.COM (including its affiliates) nor its partners are responsible for any terms or requirements of any third party that provides you with a particular service during your vacation other than the Accommodation service. If you decide that you do not wish to visit any country or part of the country you intended to visit due to any law, condition or requirement of any government, official or agent, you are solely responsible for all costs and fees, loss or damage incurred as a result as well as any cancellation fees or amended fees.

RURALICA.COM shall not be liable for any injury, loss, complaint, damage or any special, exemplary, punitive, indirect or consequential damages of any kind (including, but not limited to lost profits) related to the performance or non-performance of any passenger service provider, whether based on contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise. This includes, but is not limited to, non-enforcement resulting from bankruptcy, reorganization, insolvency, dissolution, or liquidation of the travel service provider. In the event of non-enforcement resulting from bankruptcy, reorganization, insolvency, dissolution or liquidation of the travel service provider, your claim should be directed to the travel service provider and not to RURALICA.COM, its representatives or partners.


RURALICA.COM (including its affiliates) and its partners shall not be liable for any damage and / or delay in providing the Accommodation service caused by force majeure. A force majeure event includes, but is not limited to, act of God, government action, war, political unrest and riots, civil strife, industrial disagreements, labor disputes, strikes, natural or nuclear disasters, fire, theft, disease epidemics and pandemics, other diseases, equipment malfunctions or breakdowns, weather conditions, quarantine, medical or customs regulations, technical or administrative problems with transportation, airport closures, ferryboat schedule changes, vehicle failures, water shortages and other changes beyond our control. RURALICA.COM and its partners are not obliged to provide you with a refund (advance and / or balance, the full amount of the Accommodation) if you cannot use the Accommodation due to force majeure that does not prevent the provision of the Accommodation service.

Currency exchange rates fluctuate. Prices are subject to change based upon currency exchange rate fluctuations, provided actual variations have occurred.


Certain partners may require a security deposit for the purpose of insuring their villas against any damage, accidental breakage or similar events caused by your negligence, loss of property, additional cleaning, or outstanding bills that may have occurred during your stay. In doing so, if such damage occurs and exceeds the amount of the paid security deposit, you will be liable to the partner to reimburse the full cost of the damage.

The existence of a request for the security deposit amount will be confirmed to you during the process of booking a villa or arranging Accommodation.

If there is no need to keep the security deposit, it will be returned to you after the end of your stay in the villa. An assessment of whether it is necessary to return or keep the security deposit and in what amount will be made by the partner, if possible before you leave the villa. In this case, the amount of the security deposit will be returned to you by the RURALICA.COM partner. However, if this is not practical due to early / late departures, the villa will be inspected after your departure, and a refund of the security deposit amount will be made by the RURALICA.COM or partner subsequently to your account. While retaining the full amount of the security deposit, RURALICA.COM reserves the right to contact you at a later date if during the inspection of the villa it is found that you must compensate the difference to the actual amount of damage.

If you discover any problems or damages on arrival, you are obliged to report them immediately to the partner or agency to avoid any misunderstandings after the end of the stay.


A valid passport or identity card (for EU citizens) is required to enter Croatia. We advise you to check your passport and / or ID card before confirming your reservation or arranging Accommodation and to determine whether it will remain valid during the entire travel period. It is advisable to do the same for passengers who come with you. RURALICA.COM is not responsible if you will not be able to use the Accommodation service due to inappropriate travel and / or personal documents.

We also advise you to check with your designated embassy before booking whether you need a visa to enter the Republic of Croatia. RURALICA.COM is not responsible if you will not be able to use the Accommodation service due to non-compliance with possible conditions for obtaining a visa to enter the Republic of Croatia.


You are obliged to comply with customs and foreign exchange regulations. If you cannot continue the trip due to non-compliance with the regulations, you will bear all the costs and consequences that arise as a result.


RURALICA.COM is not obliged to provide you or the passengers accompanying you with travel insurance for the needs of staying in the villa.

However, obtaining travel insurance is not a prerequisite for arranging Accommodation. Also, RURALICA.COM employees are not qualified, authorized, or obliged to answer technical questions about the benefits, exclusions and conditions of any insurance offered, nor to assess the suitability of the existing insurer of the insured party.


If you have a certain medical condition that is causing you travel problems or difficulties, and you are considering travel, we advise you to consult your doctor before traveling. This is especially true if your health condition requires daily routine care, emergency care or it is a high-risk pregnancy.

RURALICA.COM and its partners are unable to provide medical services or emergency care in case of need. As passengers, you are solely responsible for any risks, incidents or consequences incurred during your stay at the villa, which are related to your health or otherwise aggravated physical condition.

RURALICA.COM is also not obliged to provide you, or the passengers accompanying you, with health insurance during your stay in the villa. RURALICA.COM employees are not qualified, authorized, or required to answer technical questions about the benefits, exclusions, and conditions of any insurance offered, nor to assess the suitability of the existing insurer of the insured party.


The Commercial Court in Zagreb, with the application of Croatian law, is competent to entertain all disputes related to the application of these Terms.

These Terms take effect on the day of publication on the RURALICA.COM website.

Any amendment to these Terms will be made public and communicated in accordance with the regulations of these Terms.

In Zagreb, December 14th, 2020