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Island Pag

Pag is an island located in the northern Adriatic Sea. It’s the 5th largest island in Croatia, but it was the most developed one in terms of the length of its coast and packed with bays, coombs, capes, and beaches. Administratively, the Island is divided into two counties: Lika-Senj County and Zadar County. The Island has a specific, rocky archipelago, almost without any trees, covered with blossoming aromatic herbs. The reasons to visit this new island are numerous.

The largest settlement on the island is the town of Pag, the city of the sea salt, which is extracted in the age-old process of draining salt basins. Also, the town of Pag is well-known for its unique Pag lacework. Visitors can enjoy in numerous cultural and entertainment events throughout the year. The town of Novalja is a world-famous tourist destination, filled with beautiful beaches and small sunbathed bays and its crystal-clear sea. One of the most famous beaches is Zrće, a beach that has many day and night events. It became a global synonym for summertime fun. Zrće nightclubs are Aquarius, Papaya, Noa and Calypso with world’s famous DJs providing the great music.

Povljana is located on the southern part of the island. It’s traditionally an agricultural area that is growing increasingly nowadays, becoming a real tourist center. It has beautiful beaches, and one that needs a special mention is the cove of old Povljana, an abundant clam area. This area is also an archaeological site, with several valuable cultural monuments.

One should also visit Lun, a small settlement on the northwestern part of the island – an area abundant with thousand years old olive trees. This place provides restorative peace and tranquility. In terms of gastronomy, Pag is famous on a global scale, namely for its lamb and cheese. Page lamb has particularly soft and tasty meat because of the ambient in which the sheep are feed, and hardly anyone could resist it.

Just mentioning the Pag cheese will take the breath away. This world-famous cheese of a distinctive firmness and consistency is permeated with amazing aromas, as well as essential and aromatic oil flavors. One of the most sought-after honey varieties is Pag sage honey because sage contains more essential oils than any other honey-making herb. Baskotin – highly regarded hard baking, tasty and aromatic, has a long-lasting tradition and carries „Authentic Croatian“ label – is also one of Pag’s trademarks.

Salt, along with the Pag lacework, is the second white gold of the Pag island. Based on the thousand-year-old production tradition, Pag salt is one of the highest quality salts in Europe and the world. When it comes to accommodation, Pag offers myriad of possibilities: apartments, rooms, hotels, hostels, camps, holiday homes and villas. We’d recommend villa „Old Olive“ in Lun, and villa „Emma,“ which will leave you breathless and provide you with the peace and tranquility you only dreamt of.